Besides the normal star rating that is granted to Hotels to internationally accepted standards there are certain other Portuguese categories which are helpful to be known when considering a tour of Portugal. Below are some simple descriptions that we believe will act as a guide to a traveller.
Integrated in an agricultural project this is accommodation of a country and often of a basic nature.
This type of accommodation offers very comfortable 4-Star Guest House quality.
  Aldeamentos Turísticos
A holiday complex with different types of accommodation. Varying from an apartment to a villa, and normally offering special facilities such as sports and entertainment. They are rated in three levels, 2nd Class, 1st Class and Deluxe.
Usually an individual apartment, or a group of apartments within a block and seldom without a useful reception. The owners contract with a managing agent for their apartments to be rented to holidaymakers during the season.
  Apartamentos Turísticos
A block of holiday apartments specifically built to rent to tourists. These are rated from 3rd Class to 1st Class.
This category offers the same facilities as a Hotel with an important difference - there is no room service and self-catering within the suites is provided. Depending upon the range of facilities they are rated from 2-Star up to 4-Star.
These camping and caravan sites are scattered mainly along the Portuguese coastline. They can be privately or municipally owned and are rated from 1 to 4-Stars. As they are very popular a prior booking in season is recommended.
These are privately owned Inns and usually rating at 4 or 5-Stars.
The word De-Luxe or 5 Star gives the top rating. The Stars then decrease down to the 1-Star as appropriate with the service and facilities that are available.
  Hotel Apartamento
This is the same category as "Aparthotel" above.
These are of either 2 or 3-Stars.
Equal to low cost boarding houses offering bed, breakfast and main meals. They are also rated on a 1 to 4-Star scale.
  Pensão Residencial
A boarding house offering only bed and breakfast.
This is the name given to a web of State owned and run Hotels. They are located throughout Portugal in beautifully restored old historic buildings, or, specifically built to benefit from a special location and its views. Some can be rated on par to a 3-Star Hotel but the principal ones tend to be equal to 4 and 5-Stars.
  Pousada de Juventude
These are State owned and run Youth Hostels open to to people of all nationalities. There is no age restriction but the tendency is for them to be used by younger persons.
An accommodation that provides an adequate bedroom en-suite and that often includes a breakfast.
  Turismo de Habitação
An accommodation that provides an adequate bedroom en-suite and that often includes a breakfast.
  Turismo no Espaço Rural (TER)
Privately owned locations and homes providing accommodation and activities (not always), for a limited number of paying guests.
  Turismo Rural
This is type of country Inn and usually found in a convenient location or in a picturesque area. Often, the property is also the permanent home of its owners and guests may find they can dine with the family in selected meals.
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