1st Period - Pre Roman Period
(Before 3rd Century BC)

Before Christ (BC) --
800.000 Homo Erectus in Peninsular
300.000 Hunting camps
100.000 Evidence of Neanderthal tribes
35.000 Cro-Magnon tribe in Peninsular
20.000 Solutrean Period - (Vila Nova de Foz C§a rock paintings)
18.000 Cave Dwellers
2.500 Palaeolithic tribe across the whole of the Peninsular
2.000 Emergence of Bronze Age in the Peninsular
1.100 Phoenicians settled in southern coastal regions
1.000 Tartessus kingdom in southern Spain spread into southern Portugal
1.000 Evidence of Phoenician artefacts in southern Peninsular
1.000 Emergence of villages in the western part of the Peninsular
1.000 Phoenicians start trading with the southern coast now partly known as the Algarve
900 Phoenicians create trading colony of Cartage on North African coast
800 Phoenicians artefacts indicate colony at Balsa (Tavira in the Algarve)
700 Celtic invaders settle in land of future Portugal
700 Neothlitic tribe across most of the Peninsular
700 Evidence of Tartessus still occupying southern Peninsular
600 Decline of tribe of Tartessus
600 Greek myth of Ulysses founding the town of Olissipo (Lisbon)
600 Phoenicians presence at Balsa (Tavira) destroyed by violence
600 First evidence of writing in western Iberia
600 Tribe known as Conii inhabited the Algarve and southern Alentejo
500 Strong influx of Celts from northern Europe into western Iberia
500 First use of coins as money
400 Further wave of Celts penetrating the Alentejo and parts of the Algarve
400 Tribe known as Turduli inhabited the area at the mouth of the River Guadiana
400 Tribes known as Cynetes inhabited villages of Castro Marim, Faro, Silves and Tavira
400 The Celts inhabited the whole of the northern part of Portugal
400 "Ora Maritima" written by Avienus describing the inhabitants of western Iberia
-- --
2nd Period Roman Lusitania (3rd Century BC to 4th Century AD)
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The above was compiled by Michael Tannock from published information in the Portuguese language. While every care was taken in obtaining the above facts some conflicting dates, information and spelling were encountered. In such cases, our own discretion was used in choosing which facts to publish.

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