Periods in Portuguese History

1st Period Pre-Roman (BC to III C.)
2nd Period Roman Lusitano (III C. to IV C.)
3rd Period Germanic Kingdoms (V C. to VII C.)
4th Period Initial Moor (VIII C. to IX C.)
5th Period First County of Portugal (IX C to XI C.)
6th Period Second County of Portugal (XI C. to XII C.)
7th Period First Dynasty of Portugal - Casa de Borgonha (XII C. to XIV C.)
8th Period Second Dynasty of Portugal - Casa de Avis (XIV C. to XVI C.)
9th Period Third Dynasty of Portugal - Casa de Habsburg (XVI C. to XVII C.)
10th Period Fourth Dynasty of Portugal - Casa de Braganša (XVII C. to XX C.)
11th Period First Republic of Portugal (XX C.)
12th Period Second Republic of Portugal (XX C.)
13th Period Third Republic of Portugal (XX C. to XXI C.)

General Listings

List of Rulers
List of Presidents
List of Prime Ministers

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