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It is safe to assume that the majority of the Portuguese have a "sweet tooth". Most deserts and pastry have more than their fair share of sugar content. There are many different sweets created and only a few are listed here.

 Arroz Doze
A sweet rice pudding slightly flavoured by lemon and cinnamon.

 Bolo Real
A sweet cake with an orange and almond flavour and with a filling of sweet chilla paste.

 Dom Rodrigos
A preparation of the yolk of eggs, almond paste, sugar and water, that together is presented in a shredded manner wrapped in silver paper. Very popular in the region of Algarve.

 Massa de Doce Regional
A special treat basically only found in the Algarve. Almond paste together with sugar is moulded into various delightful designs of small fruits and animals. They are then hand painted with cheerful colours to create a reasonable imitation of the real object.

 Mousse de Chocolate
This has to be home-made, as manufactured varieties do not come near to the quality created from powdered chocolate or manufactured.

 Pão de Ló
A form of pastry bread that has a rich yellow softness.

 Pasteis de Nata
Originally a speciality from the district of Belem, in Lisbon. This is a small round flaky pastry cake filled with a sweet cream based content.

 Pudim Flan
A very popular sweet very similar to egg custard. Occasionally, a chef will add something extra to create his or her own particular flavour.

 Pudim Molotov
A fluffy white sweet creation made from egg whites, sugar and lemon juice.

 Quiejo de Figo
Layers of stuffed figs that are compressed into a cake form. The layers are flavoured with crushed almonds, anis herb and cinnamon.

This name translates into "Dreams". A sweet tasting pastry covered with sprinkled sugar.

 Tarte de Amêndoa
A tart with a chipped almond filling and glazed with liquid caramel.

 Torta de Amêndoa
A sponge roll spread with an almond and sugar paste filling.

 Torta de Laranja
The same as the previous item but using oranges as the main ingredient.

 Toucinho do Céu
An almond tart originating from the north of Portugal.

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