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In the past the Portuguese cuisine has paid little attention to the excellent quality and variety of their home grown vegetables. This situation is now improving but unfortunately a little late in the day as the mass marketing trends have caused fast growing techniques together with a great amount of imported goods to be introduced with the resultant loss in quality, natural vitamins and goodness.

 Ervilhas com Ovos
Prepared very much in the same manner as "Favas à Saloia" using peas in season. A fried egg is added before serving.

 Ervilhas Guisadas
Normally a dish that accompanies grilled meat but can be eaten alone. Using a meat stock and more flavour is added to this dish of peas by the addition of herbs and onion.

 Favas à Saloia
Named after the country people living around Lisbon this is a dish that becomes available only in the broad bean season. Broad beans are prepared accompanied for flavouring with a little sliced garlic sausage and lean bacon.

 Feijão-Frade em Salada
Chick Beans boiled in plain water and when cold they are flavoured with finely chopped onions, parsley and gently coated with olive oil and vinegar.

 Feijão Verde Guisado
Basically a runner bean stew with onions, tomatoes and bay leafs, flavoured with some pork fat and smoked ham or sausage. Sometimes boiled eggs are added.

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