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The Portuguese cuisine tends to treat meat in the opposite manner to that of fish. The flavour of the meat is often disguised or dismissed by the strength of the sauce or garnishing. This is particularly true when they prepare wild game. Here, we have attempted to list some dishes that are really appetising.

 Arroz de Pato
A simple and satisfying dish of strips of roasted duck mixed with rice and roasted again in the oven.

 Bife à Frigideira
This is a rump steak with a thick slice of gammon ham on top fried in an earthenware oval dish with a slice of bread.

 Bife de Peru
Thick tasty slices of turkey fried with garlic and served with chipped potatoes and side salad.

A dish not for the faint-hearted! This dish is "jugged chicken" with rice and the chicken’s blood plus vinegar is added as it is being cooked.

 Carne de Porco à Alentejana
Fried cubes of pork and cockles partially cooked together with a tomato and onion sauce.

 Coelho à Minhota
This dish almost fits into the introduction paragraph above. A rabbit is marinated for 24 hours and then fried in small sections. The rabbit is served with a tomato based sauce.

 Cozido à Portuguesa
This is a "meat stew" made from the shin of beef, served without the liquid and made from boiled white cabbage, carrots, turnips, smoked sausage and rice. Other types of meat may also be used.

 Dobrada com Grão
A mixture of celery, onions, leeks, added to strips of tripe, and seasoned and served with chick-peas.

 Empadinhas de Castelo Branco
These are "meat pies" whose meat contents can vary prepared with onions and some white wine.

 Ensopada de Borrego
A spicy recipe for fried pieces of saddle of lamb in a onion and garlic sauce, and served with slices of bread covered in the resultant sauce.

 Faisão Estufado
This a regional dish of stewed marinated pheasant in brandy and wine.

 Frango Piri-Piri
This is smallish tasty chicken gilled on charcoal while being basted with a special sauce prepared differently by each chef. The essential ingredient is the hot piri-piri and the chicken must be served straight from the grill. Normally chipped potatoes and salad accompany the chicken.

 Iscas com Elas
Liver marinated with garlic, pepper and bay leaves, some white wine and a touch of vinegar. Fried in pork fat and served with boiled potatoes. A dish renown for its popularity in the area of Lisbon.

 Leitão Bairrada
"Suckling pig" slowly cooked and basted for several hours in a specially constructed stone oven and served hot or cold.

 Lombo de Porco de Monção
Oven prepared pork usually accompanied by roasted skinned chestnuts.

 Rabo de Boi com Grão
An oxtail prepared in a thick sauce and served with chick-peas

 Tripas à Moda do Porto
A dish that tends to be strong in flavor. Made from calf’s tripe, veal shank, smoked sausage, streaky bacon and chicken.

 Vitela assada
Oven cooked lean veal then sliced and served with a sauce consisting of chopped tomatoes and onions.

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