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As in shellfish the general preference is to serve the fish in a simple manner and with little or no garnishing. Normally fish is grilled or fried, and served accompanied by boiled potatoes and a vegetable or a side salad. Some exceptions to this are listed here.

 Arroz de Polvo
Segments of Octopus tentacles prepared with tomatoes, onions and served in a wet rice bed.

 Bacalhau à Braz
One of the more popular ways to prepare codfish. Thin strips of cod mixed with onions, thin strips of potatoes and bound by eggs.

 Bacalhau com Natas
Fried cod with onions baked in the oven with a cream white sauce and diced potatoes.

This dish can be likened to the French dish "Bouillabaisse". Mixed fish and cockles are boiled in a sauce made from onions, tomatoes, garlic and herbs.

 Carapaus Alimados
Boiled mackerel with both heads and skin removed, then marinated for about 5 hours and served cold with some olive oil and vinegar. This is a very popular dish along the Algarve.

 Ensoupada de Enguias
Made from small baby eels in a tomato and onion fish stock.

 Lulas Rechadas
This can be translated into "stuffed squid" and is served with boiled potatoes. The stuffing is based on the tentacles of the squid mixed with smoked ham and seasoning.

 Sardinhas Assadas
The sardines must have been caught that same morning. They are quickly grilled while being basted. When eating the skins should easily separate from the flesh of the fish. Nowadays served with boiled potatoes and side salad. Originally, the sardine would be laid across a slice of thick country bread and the natural juices from the fish would soak into the bread – delicious!

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