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The Portuguese palate tends to (their) prefer shellfish prepared in their natural state but here are a few exceptions.

 Amêijoas à Espanhola
Cockles prepared in their open shells with an onion, tomato and garlic sauce.

 Arroz de Marisco
Rice stew with every sort of shellfish that is available in the market that day. Chopped tomatoes and onions are also added as it is being prepared with fresh chopped coriander used as garnish.

This is also the name given to the cooking utensil that is two pan-shaped halves hinged together and closed with a clasp. They have handles attached so that it can be taken straight from the stove or grill to the table. It works on a trapped steam-cooking basis. The contents more often contain some or a mixture of prawns, shrimps, crabs, large prawns, clams, pork filet, chicken, lean bacon, herbs and seasoning. Usually prepared for a minimum of two persons this is quite a feast.

 Conquilhas no Tacho
Cockles together with onions, bay leaves and garlic, and cooked in a clay earthen pot on the stove.

 Santola à Maneira de Chef
The cooked meat of the crab is removed from its shell and served shredded in a mixture of herbs and condiments.

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