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Being a country with a wide rural population and ready availability of vegetables the soups are usually made from seasonal local grown produce. Exceptions to these are staple soups that can be made at any time and are cheaply made by normally using leftovers. The soups often are a cheap replacement for a full meal and therefore they can be heavy in consistency and very tasty. Do not be too surprised to see a Portuguese ordering a soup to finish his meal as there is still this habit to ensure that he is fully satisfied within!

 Açorda de Pão
Consists of vegetable, meat or fish stock, eggs and stale bread, coriander, garlic and seasoning.

 Caldo Verde
Very popular soup that is made from shredded kale or cabbage.

Basically a chicken broth. Rice and ham are common ingredients.

 Sopa de Agriões
This popular soup is made from watercress and potatoes.

 Sopa de Campo
This is a soup made as the name implies "Farmers Soup", from radishes, carrot, celery and garlic.

 Sopa de Ervilhas
Another popular soup when peas are in season

 Sopa de Pedra
The name of this soup translates into "Stone Soup". The soup has folklore origins and is prepared from lettuce, egg, onion, and lots of garlic. True to tradition a small stone is placed in the soup.

 Sopa de Peixe
Some "Fish Soup" can be so thick with fish that it is virtually be a meal in itself. This soup varies considerably from chef to chef and usually is made from fresh cod.

 Sopa Transmontana
"Soup from across the mountains" is made from white cabbage, potatoes, turnip, carrots and some pork meat.

 Sopa de Tomate
In season this soup can taste exceptionally good and the secret lies in the balance of herbs and other small natural items that can be added.

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